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Q: Does my browser require any plug-ins?
A: No! You don´t need any plug-ins to watch games on Livearena Sports.

Q: What are the recommended System Requirements for best viewing experience in LiveArena?

MicrosoftMicrosoft Windows

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Service Pack 2 Intel® 3.2Ghz Pentium 4 or faster processor (or equivalent)1 GB ofRAM


Operating System: Apple Mac OS X 10.4.8 or above Intel Core™ Duo 1.83Ghz or faster processor(Intel only) 1 GB of RAM

We recommend that you use the latest version of any browser below.
Internet Explorer 8+ for Windows (XP SP2 or greater)
Firefox 2+ on Windows (XP SP2 or greater)
Google Chrome on Windows (XP SP2 or greater)
Safari 2+ for Macintosh (Intel only)

Q: How do I view a LiveArena event?
A: Viewing takes place in the browser. This means that LiveArena is compatible with most major browsers on most major operating systems. We recommend upgrading your browser whenever possible. Please make sure to enable cookies and turn off pop-up blocker when viewing LiveArena.

Q: Do I need to login to be able to watch an event in LiveArena?
A: Yes, In general you have to log in and sign up for a Premium Account. A few events in Livearena are free to watch.

Q: What kind of Internet connection do I need to view a live event in LiveArena?
A: We recommend viewing LiveArena from a wired connection with a downstream bandwidth of at least 1000Kbps (1Mbps). However you may require higher speeds if the publisher is encoding at a higher bitrate. To test your speed, go to Bandwidth fluctuates constantly (especially if you are using wireless or mobile internet), so running multiple tests is recommended. As a general rule your downstream bandwidth must be greater than the bitrate of the event you’re trying to view. You can find bitrate information in the Silverlight player window (down left hand corner).

Q: How do I search for a live event? Can I search for content from a specific publisher?
A: You can search for an event by using the search tool. Enter a publisher name, tag or keyword in the "Search" field in the right top corner and in the middle of the main page, then press the Return key. You can sort the search results alphabetically.

Q: How can I promote and share an event I like?
A: You can promote the event by sharing it through Facebook, Twitter or by email. Just Click the "Share" button on the event page and choose your way of sharing the event with your friends.

Q: Can I view events in LiveArena in a mobile device?
A: Today we support Iphone, Ipad, Windows 8 devices and Adroid devices. Support Xbox are coming soon.

Q: How do I watch an event in full screen?
A: Move your mouse over the LiveArena Player and click the "Full screen" button or double click to enter Full Screen mode.

Q: Can I watch a live event on-demand?
A: Yes, Replays available until August 31 2016. 24h replay in mobile devices.

Q: Can I watch content on my TV?
A: Yes. Just connect your computer to the TV or use AppleTV or Chromecast.

Q: How do I cancel my LiveArena Premium Subscription?
A: Log in with your account and go to: “My Profile” and then go to Subscription. Press: “Cancel Subscription” and you´re done. If anything goes wrong please contact:


Q: I can’t login after registering my account.
A: Make sure that you accept cookies in your browser.

Q: How do i use my Ios device to watch Livearena?
A: Go to and you will get to the mobile site automatically.

Q: How do i use my Android device to watch Livearena?
A: Go to and you will get to the mobile site automatically.

Q: Can I use LiveArena and watch events on any mobile device?
A: Today we support Iphone, Ipad, Windows 8 devices and Android devices. Support Xbox are coming soon.

Q: Can I see all the games on my mobile device?
A: Yes, all the games you can see on are also available on your mobile device.

Q: Where do i find the app for Windows8 Device? NOTE! See next link for Windows 8 Mobile.
A: Use this link: Download

Q: Where do i find the app for Windows8 Mobile.
A: A: Use this link: Download

Q: Can i test my device before i make a purchase?
A: Yes! On all devices you will find a test video or an event that is free to watch.

Q: I can´t make a purchase through my mobile device?
A: Please go to with your PC/MAC to make the purchase and then log in with your account credentials on your mobile device.

Q: Sometimes the video does not show, only audio and the Quicktime logo.
A: This means that the device is running low on bandwidth. Usually this happens for a few seconds before the video is displayed again.